Landlord & Investment Services

accommod8 will let, manage and nurture your property investment!

accommod8 recognise the recent changes and developments within the sector, particularly the increase in investors wishing to take advantage of the optimal rental returns associated with student accommodation.

The successful provision and management of student accommodation is a complex and highly regulated area and we advise investors to conduct extensive research into the market before making a commitment.

In addition to our full Letting & Management service, we offer the following additional services to landlords and developers with property assets or considering investments in the student accommodation sector:

Property development & refurbishment

accommod8 can help you redevelop and refurbish your investment property to improve standards and increase revenue. Our in house Project Team of designers, managers, builders and trades can manage and deliver your project within an agreed timescale and budget. For more information please contact us

Consultancy for student accommodation investments & developments

accommod8 can provide all manner of advice and support for student accommodation investments including advice on location, design, conversion, specification and the preparation of financial and management reports.

We are a valued member of any student accommodation project team. We should be engaged at the earliest opportunity in the development process. For more information please contact us.

Investment property sourcing

With over 20 years experience in the student accommodation sector, accommod8 can advise on suitable property investments with 2 to 200 bedrooms. If you have a site or vacant building with the potential for student accommodation we can advise you how to start the development process. For more information please contact us.

Fitting out and furnishings

For convenience and value accommod8 can supply and install durable contemporary fittings and furniture packs for your student accommodation. For more information please contact us.