Our Planet Pledge

Over the 25 years providing accommodation for students in Liverpool, we have always endeavoured to minimise the impact of our business activities on the environment.

Protecting and minimising harm to the environment is now on everyone’s agenda and we want to share what we are doing to help and promote the cause by sharing our good practice with tenants, landlords, stakeholders and the wider student accommodation sector.

Our commitment to protecting the environment and minimising our impact is Our Planet Pledge.

We pledge to:

  • Promote and practice responsible environmental business activities at every opportunity.
  • Encourage our tenants to minimise waste, reuse and recycle items others can use.
  • Encourage our tenants to reduce energy and water usage while living in our properties.
  • Encourage our tenants to buy and spend at local businesses.
  • Encourage our landlords to choose energy suppliers with green credentials and green energy tariffs.
  • Encourage our landlords to invest in property improvements for the long-term benefit of the environment.
  • Recycle broken and redundant appliances and furniture through Liverpool City Council’s Bulky Bobs service.
  • Work with our skip contractors to recycle building waste created by our property refurbishments.
  • Install and replace gas boilers with high efficiency versions.
  • Install low energy lighting and ventilation systems when upgrading accommodation.
  • Insulating properties to modern standards when completing upgrading and refurbishing works.

If you have ideas or suggestions about what we should be doing, email us here.