The Card - Partner Agreement

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This Agreement is entered into between accommod8 and the business (Partner) above.

  1. The Partner will provide holders of The Card the discount and/or the additional offers above.
  2. accommod8 will publicise the discounts and or offers to its tenants through its website, printed publicity and mail shots.
  3. accommod8 assumes no responsibility arising from this agreement between the Partner and its customers.
  4. The Partner is responsible for handling all questions, complaints or disputes from customers using their products or services.
  5. The Partner must notify the accommod8 with 30 days-notice if it wishes to change the discounts and/or offers or wishes to terminate this Agreement.
  6. accommod8 will give 30 days-notice to terminate this Agreement.
  7. accommod8 does not endorse or affirm the quality of products or services provided by the Partner.
  8. accommod8 can be contacted at The Basement 66 Mount Pleasant Liverpool L3 5SD 0151 703 9355