Fees & Charges

All fees and charges include VAT

Amendment to Tenancy - £50

An Amendment to Tenancy Fee is payable if an additional or replacement tenant is added to the tenancy or if the tenant requires any other amendments to the tenancy agreement.

Arrears - £30 to £90

If a tenant falls into arrears after 14 days an Arrears Fee of £30 will be charged. Should the arrears remain unpaid an additional £30 will be charged every 7 days for further communications to be sent out to the tenant(s)/guarantor(s) regarding the outstanding debt. The Arrears Fee will be capped at a maximum of £90 but if the debt remains unpaid after 28 days it will be subject to additional charges for recovery through the courts.

Call-Outs - £30 per hour plus costs

A Call Out Fee will be charged where actions of the tenants result in a member of staff attending the property. For example, if a tenant locks themselves out of the property, a call-out charge is payable. Any materials required to remedy the problem will be charged in addition to the Call Out Fee.

Contractor/Supplier Administration – 30%

A Contractor/Supplier Fee will be charged in addition to the actual cost of a contractor instructed to repair damage or to replace items to remediate a breach of tenancy or provide works during or at the end of the tenancy to bring a property back to a reasonable condition or rectify tenant damage.

Court Submissions - £100

A Court Submission Fee will be charged to complete and provide a court submission to recover rent arrears and other debts. This will be charged in addition to the Court Fees specified by the HM Courts and Tribunals Service which can be found at www.gov.uk

Breach of Tenancy - £30

Should official communications have to be sent out regarding a breach of tenancy or complaint then this will be charged at £30 per occasion.

Replacement Keys - £30 per key

In the event that a tenant loses a key during their tenancy they will be charged for a replacement. Non-standard security items like fobs will be charged at cost plus 30% administration fee

Overpayments - £30

If you pay us any money accidentally once your tenancy with us is over or at any point in time when you were not meant to pay funds to us, there is an admin fee for our time and the administration.

Periodic Inspection Failure - £30

A Periodic Inspection failure Fee will be charged if a property fails a periodic inspection and requires a re-inspection to ensure tenants have brought the property up to an acceptable standard.