Tenant Deposit Information

accommod8 is a member of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), an approved UK Government Deposit Protection Scheme.

We are bound by the strict rules of the TDS in the way we safeguard deposits.


  • Secure the tenant's authority on a TDS Agreement.
  • Provide tenants with a copy of the TDS Scheme Guide.
  • Register deposits with the TDS within 28 days of receipt.
  • Provide tenants with a Deposit Registration Certificate.
  • Complete a Check-In with a detailed Inventory and Schedule of Condition of the property and take photographic evidence when tenants move in.
  • Complete a Check-Out and update the Inventory and Schedule of Condition after tenants have vacated, noting any changes and take photographic evidence.
  • Assess the costs of repairing any damage caused during the tenancy.
  • Prepare a Deposit Statement with any items of damage, rent arrears or excessive energy use we propose to deduct from the deposit.
  • Deduct the amount equally between all tenants if on a Joint Tenancy.
  • Issue the Deposit Statement to tenants and seek agreement to return the balance of deposit held.
  • On receipt of the agreement, pay the balance of deposit within 10 working days.

We are NOT allowed to:

  • Withold any amount without the tenant's approval.
  • Deduct any amount for damages or other costs without documented evidence.
  • Keep your deposit and go on a luxury holiday!!