Rent Payments & Arrears Statement

Updated 23/4/20

We have prepared this statement for the benefit of tenants and guarantors to explain our policy in relation to the collection of rent, payment delays, payment plans and how rent arrears are pursued.

It provides clarity and transparency on tenants legal obligations to pay rent due and accommod8's statutory powers to collect it.

accommod8 is an agent and we work for a variety of student landlords and investors. We have authority from the landlord to manage all aspects of the tenancy and will make decisions on the landlords behalf following our established protocols.

The landlord has statutory responsibility for any legal action against tenants and/or guarantors but will act on accommod8’s advice - we do not supply landlords contact details.

The following explains the terms of tenancy and our approach to collecting rent and pursuing rent arrears:

- Under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, three rent payments are due in each tenancy year - 1 October, 1 January and 1 April.

- Rent should be paid on the due date by tenants through the Tenant Portal Account. The amount due is stated on the account.

- With prior agreement, payments can be made by tenants, guarantors or another party using a Debit Card only by calling the agency.

- We send rent reminders to all tenants 7 days before the rent is due. If tenants have a genuine problem paying the rent in full on the due date, they must contact us by email BEFORE the due date.

- We may consider a short payment delay or in exceptional circumstances a payment plan if sufficient evidence of financial hardship is provided. Payment delays will not extend pass the month it is due.

- Any payment plan will be for a maximum of 3 months from the due date and dependent on an agreed amount being paid in the month it is due.

- We will allow a delay for late Student Loan payments for a maximum of 21 days from the rent due date if proof of delay is supplied. Guarantors will be contacted for immediate payment after 21 days.

- A rent reminder is sent to the tenant on the day the rent is due and to the tenant and their guarantor at 7 days overdue.

- We will call all tenant debtors for payment between 7 and 14 days overdue. Guarantors will be called for payment if tenants cannot be contacted directly.

- A rent demand is sent to the tenant and guarantor at 14 days overdue.

- At 21 days overdue we will send a Notice of Intention of Court Action, Court Claim Form (N1) and Court Guidance for Defendants (N1C and N1D) to all debtors and their guarantors and notify all the other tenants on the Tenancy Agreement and their guarantors of the escalating situation.

- At 28 days overdue the Court Claim Form (N1) will be completed and forwarded to the landlord to seek legal advice before submitting the claim to the County Court Money Claim Centre. The claim will be made jointly against the tenant and guarantor.

- Rent cannot be witheld for any reason other than changes to statutory regulations.

Contact us here if you require further information.